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With a history going back centuries, bread is the thread that holds civilisations together, and every culture has its own signature bake, from Turkish flatbreads to French baguettes and Swedish rye. Although the humble loaf can be elevated to great heights in the experienced hands of an artisan baker, at its most basic, bread making only needs flour, water, yeast and salt and it's a skill absolutely anyone can master. In this issue, the Real Bread Campaign is encouraging everyone to say no to homogenous supermarket loaf products and have a go at baking their own – and we've got some easy recipes to get you started.
In this issue we also tackle two increasingly common challenges to our wallets, wellbeing and waistlines – takeaways and snacking. The medicinal chef Dale Pinnock and TV presenter Chris Bavin from the BBC's Eat Well for Less rustle up some tasty takeout alternatives for your weekend feasts. Their healthier homemade fakeaways include favourites such as pizza, pad Thai and a number of curries, plus their dishes pack all the same flavour at a fraction of the cost.
On the subject of saving cash, the UK spends a staggering amount of money on snack foods every year, and this growing industry is responding to our more sophisticated, healthconscious tastes with a whole new generation of nutritious, 'functional' snacks. But these products can be expensive and may often be higher in fat, sugar and calories than traditional 'junk' foods. Before the munchies strike again, check out our guide to sensible snacking, while marathon runner Charlie Watson offers some delicious ideas for homemade treats that are also great for post-gym refuelling.
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