What time of year is best for visiting Tel Aviv?

Chava Eichner discovers this cosmopolitan Israeli city famous for its blend of history, culture and incredible food.

What time of year is best for visiting Tel Aviv?

Plan your trip to Tel Aviv in spring or autumn when temperatures are pleasantly warm and the city is less crowded. Remember to check timings of the major Jewish holidays – Passover and Rosh Hashana – as prices will rise sharply and many businesses close for days! Try to book your trip over a weekend. You'll be fascinated by the Shabbat (Saturday) celebrations. Beginning at sunset on Fridays, this is the official day of rest. Many shops are shut and Jewish people head to the synagogue where, for the Orthodox, men and women sit strictly separated. During Shabbat, Orthodox Jews are not permitted to drive, work or even perform small physical tasks such as pushing a lift button. In hotels you could find that your lift automatically stops on every floor for this very reason. Culturally, this is one of the most interesting sides of Israel's society.

Looking for some vegan goodies? Head to Carmel Market which is a fantastic sight all by itself, with irresistible spice stalls, artfully arranged vegetables, exotic fruits, and enormous blocks of halva flavoured with pistachio, rose or chocolate. Nestled right in the heart is Hagal Hayarok, a small grocery store with a vast range of vegan products. The owner Rafael has brought together a selection of wonders from all around the world to satisfy every craving. Make sure you chat with him for lots of knowledgeable advice – he speaks five languages!

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One of Tel Aviv's first vegan restaurants, Nanuchka serves traditional Georgian food in eclectic and bohemian surroundings. After dinner head over to the bar to soak up the lively party atmosphere until the early hours of the morning. nanuchka.co.il

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