Eating Out: New York

Alex Bourke of Vegetarian Guides takes a vegan bite out of the Big Apple.

Eating Out: New York

Manhattan trumps anywhere for a veggie vacation. If you can, stay in Greenwich Village and the East Village, between 14th Street and Houston Street, where there are a mind-blowing 50 vegetarian restaurants and cafés. Two out of three are vegan! Pay your respects at the 9/11 Memorial, take a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty, a Sex and the City locations tour, watch a Broadway show or movie, pack a Central Park picnic at Whole Foods Market, and in May visit the New York Vegetarian Food Festival.
By Chloe is the epitome of upscale vegan fast food. Try a tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut burger with sautéed kale, onion marmalade, grilled pineapple, whiskey BBQ sauce and air-baked sweet potato fries. Young chef Chloe Costarelli won top TV baking show Cupcake Wars, so finish with her champion cupcakes. Other American classics include mac 'n' cheese, Italian meatballs, cookies, pancakes, sweet pies, pastries and fudge bars.
Artist turned entrepreneur Ravi DeRossi opened 15 restaurants in 10 years, then had a compassionate awakening and has begun turning the empire to the vegan side while retaining their unique identities. Ladybird is the plushest and most expensive with top-end tapas, while Polynesian lounge Mother of Pearl majors in savoury fruit dishes, and Cienfuegos rocks Cuban-inspired small plates like rum rice and beans. Most fun is Avant Garden, where you can sit alongside the open kitchen and chat to a chef preparing your haute cuisine sharing dishes, like eggplant toast or sherry-marinated kale salad.
Angelica Kitchen has been the classic family restaurant for organic vegan fare for 40 years, using whatever is in season with 30 local farm suppliers. Favourites are norimaki rolls, udon noodles and tofu salad, buckwheat pancakes, the American classic Reuben sandwich substituting tempeh for corned beef, and the Dragon Bowl with greens, squash, pinto beans, sea veg and brown rice. Who else does a daily desserts menu with such delights as baked cinnamon rice pudding with maple-roasted local apples and pecan crunch?

Also recommended...

• Franchia and its even swisher sister Hangawi serve vegan Korean fusion lunch near Trump Tower and the Empire State Building.
• From his New York Dosas cart in Washington Square Park, Thiru 'the Dosa Man' serves takeaway lunch until 4pm.
• Double Zero, in the East Village, is celebrity chef Matthew Kenney's vegan
pizza restaurant.
• Erin McKenna's Bakery crafts vegan cinnamon and blueberry doughnuts, banana bread, brownies, eclairs and all treats cookie and cakey.
• Get the New York look at vegan stores Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Vaute Couture fashion, and Moo Shoes which has cute cats (not for sale!).

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