Bute Island Foods produce vegan cheese for UK supermarket chain

Monday 17th October 2016
As of September 28th 2016, Bute Island Foods Ltd are officially stocked at supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, with vegan cheese from their newly rebranded "Deliciously Free From" range.

Bute Island Foods produce vegan cheese for UK supermarket chain

The vegan cheese, known as Sheese, by Bute Island Foods is 100% dairy, nut, gluten and cholesterol free, making it the perfect product for the "free from" range at Sainsbury's. These cheese alternatives have been developed so that they may be enjoyed in the same way as regular cheese, enabling vegans and allergy sufferers to relish in the same meals as their friends and family.

On news of the new range hitting the supermarket, consumers around the country have taken to social media to proclaim their excitement stating "I'm taking my lunch an hour early because I'm so excited to get some of the new Sainsbury's vegan cheese" and "Sainsbury's have launched vegan cheese and I am so excited. I used to LIVE for Wensleydale with cranberries."

Not only that, but since the launch, a new trend has emerged on social media. After a young lady decided that vegan cheese should now be called "Gary", there have been jokes, memes and pictures circulating the world wide web. Bute Island Foods decided to jump on the "Gary" band wagon and uploaded two pictures, one of their "Gary style" Sheese and one of their Line Manager, Gary, holding a packet of "Gary". The posts were well received, reaching a whopping 20,000 viewers and followers on Saturday, not including their Sainbury's range post which reached 37,000 just one day before.

The team at Bute Island Foods Ltd. work diligently in order to advance their brands growth and reach mainstream supermarkets in the UK and beyond. Distributing their products to countries around the world including Canada, Norway, Japan and Australia, and supplying vegan cheese to online stockists it's safe to say that wherever you are, you can find this ever growing product.

The seven types of cheese in the new 'Deliciously Freefrom' range at Sainbury's are:

• Cheddar-style (block)

• Cheddar-style (grated)

• Cheddar-style with caramelised onion

Wensleydale-style with cranberries

• Greek-style (a coconut-based alternative to Feta)

• Soft cheese-style (original)

• Soft cheese-style (garlic and herb)

All products are free from gluten, cholesterol, dairy, lactose, casein, whey, GMO, MSG, preservatives and artificial ingredients. They are also Kosher and Vegan certified.

Bute Island Foods is based on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, where they have their own Vegan Creamery. They can also be found on their social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where they share news, recipes, product information and upcoming shows and events.

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