Watson & Wolfe

Cruelty-free vegan accessories for him.

Watson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe is the first luxury British brand to create and produce PETA- approved, Vegan accessories for men. Launching with a capsule collection of cruelty-free classic accessories including essential wallet styles, card holders and a handsome travel wallet, Watson & Wolfe's product range is made using an innovative future leather, created in part with plant bio-polyols (elements derived from non-food grade plant material such as rapeseed and corn) and with a luxurious lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, as strong as virgin polyester but with a significantly lower environmental impact. Use of sustainable materials doesn't mean any compromise on quality, durability, attention to detail or craftsmanship – the elegantly-crafted products feel like genuine leather whilst being cruelty free, thinner, lighter and more durable.

Watson & Wolfe have taken a deliberately slow fashion approach to their initial range, producing products that won't go out of date and are designed to last. They have also engaged in a reforestation scheme in Spain in order to offset their own carbon footprint and are setting in motion several exciting projects and collaborations to be unveiled soon including the introduction of a range of genderless eco products to be enjoyed by all. A coin and tri-fold wallet have just been introduced to the debut collection, and items can also be embossed with initials to add that special, personal touch. Gift boxes and tissue are all made from high quality recycled materials and are also fully recyclable too.

See more of Watson & Wolfe's luxury range at www.watsonwolfe.com

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