The McCartneys

[Sneak peek] Sir Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney share their passion for meat-free living with Jon Bennett in the latest issue of Vegetarian Living. Here's a taster to whet your appetite...

The McCartneys

Even though they know they'll come 
under fire, the McCartneys believe any criticism is worth promoting the benefits 
of vegetarianism.

That much is glaringly obvious when I meet Sir Paul and two of his daughters Stella and Mary to discuss their Meat Free Monday campaign, which aims to get people to give up eating meat one day a week.

'It's not about preaching', says fashion designer Stella firmly, addressing the criticism any savvy celebrity must know is coming their way when they throw their weight behind a campaign. 'It's not about ramming it down people's throats and dictating to people; it's about bringing it to their attention. We thought if we get involved then maybe more people will become aware of it and they can make their own decision 
if it suits their lifestyle or not.'

Sir Paul and Mary, a photographer, nod 
in agreement, acknowledging that they're going to get stick from some quarters for putting their head above parapet.

It's understandable that some critics are cynical when it comes to campaigns like these. Food has replaced fur as the easy hobbyhorse of choice for the rich and famous, and we're right to be suspicious when the likes of Naomi Campbell campaigned for PETA in the 1990s and 
then a few years later happily paraded 
down a catwalk wearing animal pelts, or when those rich enough to have endless options lecture about global warming 
and ecological living, while having several homes and jetting between them.

But when I meet Paul (I've interviewed him a few times and he always introduces himself as Paul, no luvvie demand for Sir) and his daughters in a flat in West London 
to discuss the campaign, it's clear they understand there'll be some cynicism but just can't resist getting behind a scheme 
they feel is so obviously intrinsically positive...

To read the full exclusive interview with the McCartneys, check out the October issue of Vegetarian Living, on sale now!

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