Grow for Flavour

Improve your seasonal fruit and veg with James Wong...

Grow for Flavour

Whether you're a budding chef or simply growing for home use, Grow for Flavour by top botanist and TV presenter James Wong (Mitchell Beazley, £20) is an indispensible guide to adding punch and piquancy to crops.

With tips and tricks on improving flavour profiles by choosing the right varieties, using homemade sprays, and pruning and protecting, it shows how modern gardens can often make the mistake of forfeiting flavour in favour of bumper harvests.

Suttons are selling the book which includes six free packs of seeds from the new James Wong Grow For Flavour seed range (worth at least £9.99!), which Suttons have developed with James.

Vegetarian Living readers can also claim free p&p on their entire order - click here to find out how.

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