3 of the best: Vegetable racks

Vegetarian Living assembles three of the best vegetable racks for three various budgets!

3 of the best: Vegetable racks


This wicker potato basket protects spuds from light but allows them to breathe (and is just as good for carrots and parsnips). The handy 'lip' and removable lid also lets the cook get easy access.
Potato Basket (£24), www.gardentrading.co.uk


These reproduction apple crates [pictured right] are a traditional way to store your allotment glut, and they can be personalised as gifts for green-fingered pals.
Vegetable Plantabox (£26 + £8 for personalisation), www.plantabox.co.uk


Treat prize-winning fruit and veg to a touch of real craftsmanship with one of these sturdy but stunning Black Country-made wrought-iron vegetable racks.
Vegetable Rack (£34.99), www.blackcountrymetalworks.co.uk

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