Mad March hair

After the drying effects of winter, hair can be lank and lacklustre. Discover how to head into spring with lovelier locks.

Mad March hair

Words by Sara Niven.

Greasy and lank
Speick shampoo for oily hair contains nettle extract and helps to normalise oil and sebum production, as well as boosting volume to avoid lank locks. It contains natural preservatives, no artificial fragrances or colours and is vegan-friendly.
£6 from

Tangles and tears
Childs Farm Hair Detangler will help avoid upsets after bathtime. Spray it on towel-dried and conditioned hair to help you get a comb through without pulling. It smells of grapefruit and contains organic tea tree oil
to help ward off the dreaded head lice too!
£4.75 from Boots and John Lewis, or visit

Dry scalp and dandruff
Weleda's award-winning Wheat Balancing Shampoo reduces dandruff and flaking and promotes a healthy scalp. It is free from the potentially harmful synthetic ingredients used in some anti-dandruff shampoos and instead contains wheatgerm oil to repair the scalp and sage leaf extract, a natural tonic for hair and scalp. Also try Weleda's Nourishing Hair Oil, which has a base of peanut oil, an age-old remedy for dry scalps and dandruff. Both products are vegan-friendly.
Wheat Balancing Shampoo, £9.95, and Nourishing Hair Oil, £11.50, from

Frizzy, damaged hair
Restore moisture with intensive conditioning products like Milk Shake's nourishing Integrity Intensive Treatment, which contains organic muru muru butter and gives softness and shine, or try Organic Surge 2-minute Moisture Mask with coconut oil for a quick fix.
Milk Shake Integrity Intensive Treatment, £15.99, from; Organic Surge 2-minute Moisture Mask, £8.95, from

No volume
If your style needs a bit of oomph but you don't like the 'crispy' or sticky feeling of some products, then Naturtint's styling mousse is a good option. Apply to towel-dried hair before styling, or at the roots of dry hair as an emergency rescue.
£10.99 from Holland & Barrett

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