What do the labels mean?

A beauty product can be marked with a whole host of different logos and symbols, but here are three you may want to look out for:

What do the labels mean?

To bear the Soil Association symbol, a product calling itself organic needs to contain a minimum of 95 per cent of organic ingredients, while a product carrying this symbol labelled as made with a certain percentage of organic ingredients, needs to contain a minimum of 70 per cent. Restrictions apply to the remaining ingredients in both cases. Products which are 100 per cent organic will state this on the label.

The Vegetarian Society Approved symbol offers an assurance that a product is free from meat, fowl, fish or shellfish, and ingredients resulting from slaughter and that there is no possibility of cross-contamination with non-vegetarian ingredients during production. Any eggs used in a product must be free-range, and all products and ingredients must not have been tested on animals.

The Vegan Society's trademark is globally recognised as a guarantee that a product is free from all animal ingredients and neither it nor any ingredients used in it have ever been tested on animals by the company producing the product.

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