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Scientists promote 10-a-day fruit and veg

Scientists promote 10-a-day fruit and veg | 4th May 2017

Good news for plant-based eaters, as a study published by Imperial College London has revealed that eating 10 portions of fruit and veg a day could prevent up to 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide every year. Read more »

Let's go veggie!

Let's go veggie! | 4th May 2017

It's time to get stuck in to the annual celebration of meat-free eating Read more »

The faker’s dozen

The faker’s dozen | 21st April 2017

New to Holland & Barrett high-street stores, Vegan Egg Read more »

CanO Water

CanO Water | 13th April 2017

CanO Water, the alternative to single use plastic bottles, is launching a new campaign to encourage Londoners to be more environmentally friendly. Read more »

The veg connection

The veg connection | 6th April 2017

The Sow & Grow campaign inspires children to grow their own Read more »

Vegetables for dessert?

Vegetables for dessert? | 6th April 2017

The versatility of vegetables is continuing to be a hot topic as products including juices and even desserts have undergone a veggie makeover. Read more »

Eat Peckham Vegan Week 15th - 20th May 2017

Eat Peckham Vegan Week 15th - 20th May 2017 | 16th March 2017

Eat Peckham Vegan Week is a celebration of all things vegan to make Peckham healthier and more environmentally friendly. During the week of May 15th the non-profit group Peckham Vegans will be giving away 250 free meals, promoting businesses with our vegan map and sharing four locally sourced recipes. Read more »

Go Vegan in Liverpool

Go Vegan in Liverpool | 9th March 2017

The Live a Better Life vegan fair comes to St George's Hall in Liverpool on 25 March Read more »

Rawsome Delights

Rawsome Delights | 9th March 2017

Galia Orme first discovered raw chocolate eight years ago and was amazed at how simple it was to make at home. Read more »

Persistence pays off with weaning

Persistence pays off with weaning | 8th March 2017

Was weaning stressful for you and your little one? Read more »