Go green-fingered! Attract mini-dragons!

Attract tiny dragons to your garden.

Go green-fingered! Attract mini-dragons!

Gardens are vital havens for amphibians and reptiles and they can help keep unwanted pests at bay. Here, national amphibian and reptile charity Froglife gives its tips on attracting these tiny dragons to your garden:

Just add water Amphibians need water to breed, so add a pond – even a water-filled bucket, sunk into the ground, would do.
Log piles and rockeries These are great for hiding from predators and hibernating over winter. They also provide sunny basking spots for reptiles and attract invertebrates – an important source of food.
Create a hibernaculum Constructed from old bricks or logs, covered with wood-chip and soil, these hideouts provide plenty of nooks and crannies for animals to shelter in. You can make winter dragon homes out of anything – an upturned plant pot, pieces of wood or a watering can turned on its side.
Reptile refuges These are flat objects, such as sheets of corrugated tin, roofing felt or slate tiles, which are placed on the ground in sunny spots, where they absorb warmth from the sun and provide cover from predators. If you lift them, occasionally, you may spot some of our more elusive species too!
Many habitats Creating a mosaic of habitats will attract a variety of animals – think about including wet areas, shade-free spots, shelter and feeding sites.

To find out more about gardening for wildlife and Froglife's work, visit www.froglife.org.

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