About Us

Here at veggie money we decided that we wanted to provide people with information that they needed to improve their financial situation. We know that there are a lot of people out there who struggle to manage their money. We know that sometimes this is because they have not been taught how to do this and what things they should be doing that will help them to be able to manage their money more easily. We have therefore put together some articles which we hope will help. We cover topics that we think will be really useful and that will enable people to be able to take action and make some simple changes which will then improve their financial situation. We realise that some people might have to make big changes in order to really be in control, but we hope that they will start by taking a few smaller steps, see the benefits and make more so that they eventually make all of the necessary changes that they need. Hopefully they will be able to feel that they are managing their money well and they feel like they are in control of their money rather than it being in control of them.